Welcome to Suite 1A.

Escorts & Courtesans who are Companions for short-term dating in:

Madison WI (coming soon!)

Milwaukee WI (coming soon!)

Chicago IL (coming soon!)

NYC and CT (NOW!)

If you are looking for that one woman to fill a certain void, when you’re alone in town on business  or perhaps you’re at home and want someone to spend a bit of time with you; our Courtesans, are here to do just that.

We do not implore on-line reviews and prefer simple word of mouth, loyal referrals.  There’s been a disconnect in the business since the recession and in order for any ‘meating‘ to be successful, time spent shouldn’t feel like a timed transaction.

Yes; we are an agency that gets back to basics; escort companions that enjoy a man’s company and men who love to spend time with them to relax and release the day’s tensions.

We have a wide variety of beautiful escorts to choose from, and we will do our best to fulfill your request with a memorable experience. Here at Suite 1A, we aim to deliver secure and discreet meetings and with a higher class type of companionship, fetishes and role-playing, costumes, etc. while doing our best to make your experience with one of our Escorts or Courtesans a superb experience.

If you have any questions you may contact us where we will be happy to answer your questions you may have regarding your reservation or help in deciding which of our escort models is right for you. We have always been building upon our reputation in becoming Madison WI and the Midwest’s #1 Time for Companionship Agency and support any feedback that may improve your experience with our services.

“…so good, you’ll forget we’re a service!”